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在 Jay-N-Jay Studios,我們是一支敬業的電影製作人團隊,他們熱衷於製作精彩的內容。我們很感動您非常喜歡我們的內容,並希望為我們的夢想提供資金。非常感謝!

目前,您可以通過 3 種方式直接提供幫助。

1) 我們最大的希望是,您考慮訂閱成為我們 Patreon 頁面上的每月贊助人。這對我們幫助最大,也是我們目前正在努力發展的。在這裡,您可以從提供的選項中選擇要每月支付的金額。但是,每個選項都有自己的獎勵,因此您可以獲得回報。

2)我們有一家雜貨店!它目前主要包括 T 恤和連帽衫,但我們也有一些其他的好東西。但是,從您和其他支持我們的人那裡,我們計劃在未來提供更多。

3) 最後一個選項是本頁的最後一個。我們了解並非每個人都想購買襯衫或訂閱月度訂閱。因此,我們為您提供了一個選項和不同數量的選擇,讓您可以簡單地向我們的項目捐款。這些都是一次性付款,您可以從提供的選項中選擇任何金額。每一美元都有幫助,我們感謝您捐贈的任何金額。除了您清楚地知道您的錢將用於什麼目的之外,此選項沒有任何回報,並且有一種溫暖的模糊感覺,知道我們對您的感激之情以及您所付出的。


1 - The best way to support us, is signing up as a monthly patron on our Patreon account.


Patreon is the foundation to our income, meaning, ultimately, how much money our patrons give us determines the quality of content we can ultimately make. Luckily you can donate as little as $1 a month or $12 a year. It doesn't sound like much, but 100 people donating $1 a month becomes $1,200 a year. So every dollar you can spare counts! Plus, If your budget allows for more, we have higher options as well! More money means higher quality movies and content for you!

Thus, our biggest hope, is that if you clicked on this page out of a small desire to potentially support us, that you consider subscribing. As a bonus, this method is the only method that comes with awesome rewards ranging from behind the scenes access, 24 hour early viewings of our films before public release, discounts on merchandise, and so much more!

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2 - The next best way to support us, is to buy a t-shirt! That is right, we have a merch store!


It currently consists mostly of t-shirts and hoodies, but we have a few other goodies as well. However, from you and others supporting us, we plan to provide a lot more in the future, and again, every dollar given is put right back into our business of providing you epic movies and content!

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3) Just Donate! "Why yes, we do accept just a simple donation!" 

The final option is the last one on this page. We understand that not everyone wants to or can buy a shirt or subscribe to a monthly subscription. So we provided an option, at varying amounts, for you to choose from for you to simply donate to our projects. We make our movies with passion and we want to include your passion too!


These are one time (repeatable) payments at whatever amount you choose from the options provided.


So maybe one week you got a dollar left over from groceries and you decide to donate it, great! Perhaps you just spent a week mowing lawns to earn one-hundreed dollars and you decide to donate ten dollars this week, then next week you suddenly decide to donate another five dollars just because you can, superb! Every dollar helps and we appreciate whatever amount you donate, whenever you donate it. This option has no rewards other than you having clear conscience knowing what your money is going towards, and a warm fuzzy feeling knowing how much we appreciate you and what you gave.

We appreicate any support that you have given us and we look forward to creating the best content we can for you to love!